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Craniosacral Therapy

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a holistic, gentle-touch technique that is used to evaluate and correct restrictions and tensions in the body.  CST treatments may enhance body functioning, alleviate pain and discomfort, and increase resistance to disease.  By working with the body's craniosacral system, and its connections to the central nervous system, CST encourages your own natural healing mechanisms to effect positive changes in your body.

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What is a CranioSacral Therapy session like?

Sessions are usually done with the client resting comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed.  CranioSacral Therapy touch is very light and gentle, but it is very profound. It is quite common for a client to relax so deeply that he/she actually falls asleep during a session.  This results from the calming effect of CST on the nervous system.

Sessions generally last about an hour, but some clients may wish to schedule sessions lasting 90 minutes or even 2 hours.


CranioSacral Therapy Throughout the Life Span

Because I am a breastfeeding consultant, I have the honor and pleasure of working with lots of infants and new moms.  However, my CST practice is not limited to these groups.  I have CST clients of all ages and with a wide variety of concerns.


CST for Fertility

CST for Pregnancy

CST for the Postpartum Period

CST for Newborns

CST for Infants and Children

CST for Adults


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