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Ellen Steinberg, RN, LCCE, IBCLC, CST

Becoming a mother can be the greatest joy of womanhood.  The first time you see your baby, your heart fills with love.  When you hold your new baby in your arms, you share a deep connection with all of the mothers who came before you and all of the women who will someday become a mother.  The birth of a child is indeed nothing short of a miracle.  Each time a child is born, the world lights up with new possibilities. 

Breastfeeding is about nurturing a new life.  A nursing baby receives many gifts: the perfect nutrition, the safety and warmth of his mother’s arms, and a deep bond with the most important person in his life.  What could be more natural than breastfeeding a baby?  Yet, many new mothers find that they need support and guidance to make breastfeeding easy, comfortable, and enjoyable.

For 30 years, I have been helping women and their partners to find the love and joy in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and nurturing their young children.  I am passionate about helping babies and families get the best start in life.  As a nurse, Lamaze instructor, lactation consultant, and CranioSacral Therapist, I have a unique ability to evaluate, guide, and support women and children so they may reach their goals and attain an optimal state of health. 

“The secret to world peace is to go home and love your babies.”
- Mother Teresa