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CST for the Postpartum Period

The process of birth may be physically challenging for many women.  Whether she has had a cesarean or a difficult vaginal delivery, mom may need some time to heal.  It is quite amazing how the body has the capacity for self-healing.  However, if the healing process is slow or incomplete, CST techniques may help to enhance your self-healing capacity.

The birth may also have been a traumatic emotional experience for mom.  Women often have an expectation  and a dream of what this special day should be like.  When medical complications and interventions make this dream impossible, moms can feel anger, frustration, resentment, and a sense of failure.  These feelings may result in postpartum depression, exhaustion, and difficulty bonding with and enjoying the baby.  These feelings may get buried as mom copes with her new responsibility of caring for her baby, but they are lurking in her memory and her tissues.  The safe release of these feelings in a CST session can promote a healthy physical recovery, an emotional stability, and a feeling of love and bonding with baby.

"Ever since my baby was born 20 years ago, I have had this pain in my groin.  During an SER session with Ellen, I realized that there was an emotional component to this pain.  My daughter was born by cesarean after 35 hours of labor.  I really wanted to have a vaginal birth the way I always dreamed it would be.  I realized that trapped in the pain in my groin was the feeling of failure - that I had let my daughter down by having to have a cesarean.  The vaginal birth that I had wished for was not just for myself; it was also because I believed that a vaginal birth would be safer for my baby and offer her a better start in life.  During the CST session, when I let go of that feeling of failure, the pain disappeared and has not come back."