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CST for Pregnancy

Pregnancy creates huge changes in a woman's body, which often result in aches and pains.  CST can help realign the pregnant woman's body to alleviate many pregnancy discomforts and also to prepare her body for optimal performance during labor.

Bonding with your baby doesn't have to start after the baby is out of the womb.  Pregnancy is the optimal time to connect with your baby in a physical, emotional, and spiritual way.  The connection that mom and dad form with baby during pregnancy often creates a communication link that says, "I love you, I care about you, and I am looking forward to seeing you when you are ready to be born."  This communication can help you during birth as you and your baby share the journey together.

If you or your baby have had difficuties during your pregnancy, opening the lines of communication between mom, dad, and baby can be very beneficial.

"I was 35 weeks pregnant with twins.  My cervix was beginning to open and my doctor suggested that I might need to deliver early.  I really wanted my babies to have the best possible start, and I hoped they would not be premature.  During a CST session with Ellen, I was able to connect with my sons.  The one on the bottom felt very squished by the one on top.  He needed more room, so his shoulder was putting a lot of pressure on my cervix.  With Ellen's manual CST touch and with the openness of communication between my sons and me, my sons gently shifted their positions in the womb to take some pressure off my cervix.   After the CST session, I frequently checked in with the boys to make sure they were doing well.  .  I delivered my 7 pound healthy boys at 38 1/2 weeks." JP